Why choose BreakawayVA?

Excellence By Design!


First and foremost, I have the honesty and integrity to tell you whether or not I’m a good fit for your business.  I’m not out to grab every client that comes along, and that’s good for both of us.  The relationship of a virtual assistant with his or her clients is built on trust, and that includes being able to recognize, and admit, when the two are (or aren’t) a good “fit” for one another.  After all, we’re not in this for drama – we’re in it to succeed and enjoy the journey!

A lifetime of training and experience has led me to this position, and while I certainly take it seriously, I’m also keenly aware of the need to feel a sense of joy and fulfillment as a result of my service to others.  Work should not be painful; therefore, I approach it with a sense of excitement and joyful anticipation.  We certainly do reap what we sow, and I fully intend to plant the strongest possible seeds for the healthiest possible result.  Simply put, you can count on me to give 100% all the time and treat your business as though it were my own.  After all, your success is my success!

Further good news is that I belong to a network of the world’s best VAs.  If we find that you and I aren’t the best fit, or if I don’t offer the specific services you require, I can recommend a number of other assistants who will likely fit the bill.  It’s a win/win either way.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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