Retainer Plans

In order to best serve your interests, BreakawayVA operates on a monthly retainer basis.  This allows us to develop the professional relationship that’s required to maintain and grow your business.

Keep in mind that although we often use the word “tasks”, virtual assistance includes ongoing project management and the soft skills required to alleviate unwanted stress from your work day.


Intro:                  5 hours per month

If you’re unsure about how much assistance you need on month-to-month basis, we will choose this option.  I’ll start working with you on basic tasks and further analyze your processes to determine how to best serve you.


Basic:                 10 hours per month

If you’re already aware of specific, recurring tasks that you’d like to get off your plate but you’re not sure exactly how long it takes to complete them, we’ll choose this option in order to jump right in and start working for you.


Standard:         15 hours per month*

This plan will likely cover the average administrative and information processing tasks utilized by small and medium-sized businesses.


Premium:         20 hours per month*

The Premium plan is for business owners who are truly doing the work of several people every day.  You already know that you’re spending at least this much time every month on tasks and follow-up, and would love to experience the joy of having a trusted assistant who can relieve you of the administrative burden.

Should we find that your chosen level of service turns out to be either too much or too little, I will gladly adjust your contract for the following billing cycle.


*Choose one of these plans and receive one free hour per month!

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