Don’t Be A Casualty of “Business Casual”

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror in the morning and asked yourself, “Should I wear this to the office?”  Well, here’s the answer:  If you have to ask, don’t wear it!

In my experience, this question comes up most often in the spring and summer.  As the weather gets warmer, and as we get more and more eager to shed the constraints of our winter wardrobes, it’s easy to overdo it; or should I say, under-do it!

Even in a business-casual environment, what we wear says a lot about us.  Avoid deeply-plunging necklines and sheer blouses that expose your underthings.  These may be acceptable for evening wear, but are definitely inappropriate for the office.  Dress to ensure your co-workers are speaking to you and not your cleavage!

What’s up with the bra strap fad, by the way?  It doesn’t seem to bother women today, but not so long ago it was a major no-no, even in strictly social settings.  When dressing for the office, make sure your bra straps stay beneath your blouse, by whatever means necessary.  Even if everything else is in place, exposed straps make you look sloppy and unkempt.

These days, there is also a tendency toward wearing flip-flops to the office, as well as other shoes and sandals worn without any hose.  Aside from being inappropriate, it’s a little creepy seeing people’s toes at the office, and I’m fairly certain most companies have a policy about bare feet.  I have (begrudgingly) come to accept sandals at the office if they offer a decent amount of coverage, but flip-flops?  Come now, ladies!

Keep in mind the impression you want people to have of you, and how the way you dress either helps or hinders that impression.  Don’t mix your “weekend-at-the-barbecue” wardrobe with your office wear!  It may sound old fashioned, but decorum never goes out of style.

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